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Why are BP Jobbers and Marketers choosing Mako?

Because Mako allows BP Branded Marketers to simplify and secure their entire network while reducing downtime and lowering ownership costs. Mako uses standard Internet connections and includes 50MB/mo. of Sprint high-speed 4G/LTE wireless backup to keep payment transactions flowing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when the primary broadband internet connection goes down.


Set and forget

Once set up, the Mako System protects your network while you work, play or sleep. It includes cloud-based management and notifications that give you visibility into and control over your entire network on your terms. And if there is ever a problem, professional technical support is available 24x7 by phone, online or on-site.


Protect the entire network

Mako is the only network management service provider with end-to-end PCI-DSS certification. Mako provides security for your entire network, not just your POS system.


Reduce overhead and downtime

Using existing or readily-available Internet connectivity, leverage a single broadband connection and included 4G/LTE wireless failover to keep transactions flowing even when your primary broadband fails.


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“The Mako System has provided my business with improved transaction processing and a more reliable Internet connection. With its easy installation and cloud-based interface, I have better management of my store’s network without worrying about IT issues like downtime and security.”

Chris Moore, Gil Moore Oil Company

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